Unofficially Special

Run Your Way into Grey Day

Grey is not a colour, it's a state of mind.

New Balance doesn’t really need an introduction, some of you might be reading this wearing your 530's, 550's, chunky 9060's or have been joining us in your 1080's or FuelCells.

To New Balance, the color grey represents a history of innovation. Good thing we love the color grey. And love to innovate.

Monday, 20th May, we’ll be hosting a party full of surprises, including a chance to win some exclusive merch and gifts. Sign up, drop your shoe size, and you might just walk away in a fresh pair of New Balance runners. Sizes are limited, so make sure you update your sizes.

Plus, every attendee gets a voucher just for showing up – why? Because you deserve it.

Happy Grey Day.



May 20, 2024 6:00 am


New Balance The Galeries, George Street, Sydney NSW, Australia






Pick your pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep your eyes peeled. We are currently curating functional tech-garments to be worn at your threshold, when you’re supporting the crew, and everything in between. We won’t release an item that hasn’t been thoroughly tested so please be patient with us. Community is the core of what we do, so if you have a suggestion, shoot us a DM. We’d love to hear it.


Absolutely, we’re just getting started. Community and culture come first so we’re airtight on what constitutes an Unofficial Run. If you think you suit the mould and want to host a run in a new location, please reach out. We’d love to meet you.

We started as a few mates who could barely run the length of the Harbour Bridge without stopping for a breather. Three turned into 5, and then an initial 10 who showed up week on week for a jog and a pastry. We wanted to push each other into places we didn’t think we were capable of with longer runs, hard workouts, and a well-caffeinated treat at the end. Turns out others resonated with the vibe – and here we are.

Don’t be nervous! We have people of all ages and paces running with us ranging from sub 4:30/km to well above 7:30/km and even a walking group!

No matter where you are in the pack you’ll have someone to run alongside. We are frequently told that once we get running, it doesn’t feel overly busy.

Remember, nobody gets left behind.

You bet your sweet bippy. Stay tuned.

The run is roughly 6.5km with many shortcuts available if need be. We have a number of people who run the Harbour Bridge, walk back, and join us for coffee, which is roughly 2.5km.

The bigger the better, especially when people are looking to better themselves. We’re taking measures to ensure things flow as seamlessly as possible and to reduce our impact on the public. If you’re keen to grow, we’d love you to show.

We start and finish at Bradfield Park North in Milsons Point (that lovely grassy patch right under the bridge). We run south over the Harbour Bridge, up and over the Cahill Expressway, around the Sydney Opera House through Circular Quay, up The Rocks and back over the Harbour Bridge for a tasty pastry.

The run usually finishes between 6:45 and 7:00 am. If you’re just joining us for pastries and a chat, meet us at 7:00 🙂.